2019 BMW 3-Series

The BMW 3 Series is due for its next complete redesign for the 2019 model year. Authorities information have actually not yet been revealed, but we know that production of the iconic luxury sport sedan will ultimately shift to a new factory in Mexico by 2019.

2019 BMW 3 Series | Front High Resolution Image

2019 BMW 3-Series Redesign

The upgraded 3 Series will more than likely be based upon BMW’s modular platform dubbed CLAR, which stands for Cluster Architecture. This will permit the automaker to decrease advancement costs using variable sub-modules to underpin numerous models. Similar approach modular platforms have been made by Volkswagen, Toyota and other car manufacturers.

2019 BMW 3-Series Interior

The interior designers likewise appear to have taken a safe method. While we ‘d have preferred to see a huge step forward stylistically– there might yet be one relating to color or materials– the beneficial ergonomics and classy appearance of the current model along with its more recent brethren is no bad thing. One can anticipate that most, if not all, of BMW’s popular tech and convenience features offered on the 5 will make their method to the 3, such as gesture control, in addition to evolved versions of tech and luxury features the 3-series already provides. In this model, we see that the iDrive knob lies next to an improved console-mounted electric shifter, which the infotainment display screen, likely a touchscreen, now beings in a lower, more accessible location.

2019 BMW 3 Series | Exterior High Resolution Image

2019 BMW 3-Series Platform

While the skin may look the similar, the bones will be new. The 3-series will ride on BMW’s CLAR (Cluster Architecture) platform, which assures to shave as much as 150 pounds from curb weights and bring a lower center of gravity, both which might help the 3 restore a few of its sporting luster. We simply hope that even fundamental versions of the new 3 hew closer to the current M5 in that regard instead of the rather soft 5-series on which the model is based.

2019 BMW 3-Series Powertrain

The new 3 is anticipated to use a number of turbocharged inline engines internationally, consisting of a three-cylinder. The United States market is likely to stick to a 2.0-liter 4 in the 330i and a 3.0-liter 6 producing approximately 400 horsepower in the M340i. The six-speed handbook and ZF eight-speed automatic likely will rollover, too. A 330e plug-in hybrid will appear later on, as will an ultimate M3 racer.

2019 BMW 3 Series | Tail Light HD Wallpaper

2019 BMW 3-Series Release Date and Price

A main release date for the next-generation 3 Series has not yet been announced. At this time, we anticipate it to go on sale sometime in 2018. We anticipate the new 3-series to arrive in the middle of this year as a 2019 model, with rates near to the current generation. That means the new sedan will start in the mid-$30,000 range and rise from there.

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